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Software Training

The training will not replace IRS certification and does not cover any tax law, but is designed with partner organizations and trainers to become acquainted with the software. The trainings were recorded in January 2014.


MyFreeTaxes Helpline staff provide an overview of the MyFreeTaxes partnership and walk through a mock return in the below recorded webinars. MyFreeTaxes staff also answered questions posed by participants. The trainings provided help partner organizations and trainers become acquainted with the software. Each webinar covers the same topics and is about 1.5 hours long.

Online Tutorials

Below is a set of online demonstrations and each chapter is about five minutes long.

MyFreeTaxes Training – Module 1
MyFreeTaxes Training – Module 2
MyFreeTaxes Training – Module 3
MyFreeTaxes Training – Module 4

Self-Study Exercises

To be a coach, you need to understand the work that goes into a tax return. Download this guide (Scenarios PowerPoint 97-2003 or 2012 Scenarios PDF Version). Plan to prepare at least three tax returns on your own to best support a client.

These three scenarios will take you through the basics of filing a federal tax return. Each scenario includes questions about the data you enter and how that data gets used to determine amounts for tax credits and deductions. Answers to the questions are provided on the final slide.

Case Studies

Want case studies? Look no further:

  • Facebook and Tax Preparation Case Study
  • Employer Tax Preparation Case Study
  • Campus Tax Preparation Case Study
  • Retail Space Tax Preparation Case Study

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