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You might have heard the expression that … the only certainties in life are Death and Taxes.

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The young Grim Reaper holding a stack of paperwork.

As it turns out, there are ways to make at least one of those things easier.

The young Grim Reaper holding a stack of paperwork.
Don’t pay to file your taxes.

If your household earned less than $66,000 in 2018, you can file both your federal and state returns for free using This is the only free, national, online tax filing product offered by a nonprofit. United Way has made it available to over 100 million U.S. taxpayers as part of our fight for the financial stability of every person in every community.

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“Free” doesn’t always mean free.

Some “free” tax preparation products only offer federal (not state) filings, or charge extra for anything beyond the most basic forms. MyFreeTaxes is completely free for individuals and families who earned less than $66,000 in 2018 — whether you file in multiple states, work freelance, have a side gig, or earn investment income.

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Let the experts handle the details.

MyFreeTaxes is powered by H&R Block’s premium software, so filing is easy, secure, and guaranteed to be 100% accurate. The software scans for any tax credit you’re entitled to, making sure you get your maximum refund. 

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