After you file

  • The email notifying you of the rejection should provide the reason. Make corrections by logging back into your MyFreeTaxes account and refile. If that doesn't work you may have to file a paper return or contact the IRS. Most common reasons for rejection are:

    1. Employer EIN does not match IRS information

    2. Social Security number does not match IRS name

    3. Someone already filed using a dependent's Social Security number

    4. IRS identity theft PIN is wrong or was omitted

  • MyFreeTaxes only allows amending current year returns. United Way VITA and AARP can amend prior years. To amend this year, have a printed copy of this year’s return available. Mark it 'As Originally Filed'. Open your tax return in the MyFreeTaxes software and add Form 1040X, or search for 'amended return'. MyFreeTaxes will walk you through the process of adding new information. It will generate Form 1040X, showing your original information, your changes, and the corrected return. This cannot be e-filed. You will need to print two copies, sign and date, and mail one to the IRS. Attach the tax forms showing income tax withheld.