Top 5 Most-Asked Questions
  • Yes! You can file an extension through MyFreeTaxes and finish filing by October 15, 2019. If you owe taxes and did not pay by the April 15th filing deadline, the IRS will charge you interest each month on the amount you owe until you file and pay. You can learn more here about filing an extension here.

  • MyFreeTaxes is a free, safe, and easy way for individuals and households of any income level to file their simple (no schedule C,D, or E) federal and state returns for free. United Way partners with H&R Block to provide its premium online tax filing software to help you easily and accurately file your taxes from your smartphone or computer.

  • Yes, it’s really free. MyFreeTaxes is the only free, national, online tax filing product offered by a nonprofit. United Way is committed to ensuring that you can easily and accurately file your taxes to receive the refunds you deserve. We care about making taxes free and less complicated in a safe and convenient online experience. MyFreeTaxes is a free, safe and simple way for individuals or households of any income level to file their simple (no schedule C,D, or E) federal and state returns for free. 

  • MyFreeTaxes is powered by H&R Block’s premium online tax filing software. From, you will be linked to H&R Block’s account creation page to set up your free e-filing account. Once your account is created, you will see the MyFreeTaxes logo on every page of the filing software. 

  • If you forgot your username or password, or have been locked out of your account from too many attempts- go back to the login screen and click "Forgot My Username/Password". You will need the email address you used for the account, the last five digits of your Social Security Number (SSN) and the answers for your security questions. If you can't remember your identifying information, you will need to create a new account. H&R Block does not store your passwords for your security. 

  • The IRS discontinued the use of the e-file PIN option. In order to e-file using any tax preparation software, you will need to enter last year’s AGI to verify your identity (unless you didn’t file taxes last year).

    Good news, if you filed using MyFreeTaxes last year, you can access your 2017 tax return when you are logged into your account. Once you are logged in, click on your profile in the top left corner where there will be a link for “Previous Taxes”.

    You can also find your last year’s AGI on your 2017 tax return on: form 1040 (Line 37), 1040A (Line 21), 1040EZ (Line 4), Form 1040X (Line 1, column A).

    If you do not have access to your last year’s tax return you can order a transcript on the IRS Get Transcript site.