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About MyFreeTaxes

Am I eligible? Is it really free? Will my information be secure?

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Get Started

Creating your account, filing deadlines, and key information about your taxes

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While Filing

Tax topics and questions you might have while filing

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After you file

Correcting rejected returns and/or amending your current year return

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Rideshare driver support, Schedule C

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Check my Refund Status and other IRS Resources

Checking your refund status, or why your refund might be delayed

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VITA Site Locator

Need in-person filing support? Find a VITA site located near you.

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Unanswered Questions?

Have a question that isn’t covered here? You can chat with H&R Block’s virtual assistant anytime you’re logged into the MyFreeTaxes software. You can also reach us on our hotline at 866-698-9435 or chat with our specialists.